and now let me hold your hands in the holes of my sweater

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Anonymous: Sarah I've always admired you from afar on tumblr- and I feel psychically upset to think you feel this way- you underestimate yourself so much- and do not give yourself credit for the funny, caring, intelligent and pretty girl you are. I am not saying this for no reason I truly believe it, and I bet you all of your followers think this as well. Stay strong :) X

Why would you feel physically upset? You don’t need to be, trust me. I try so hard not to but I really can’t help it. I am really none of those no matter how many times people tell me so. I will try to! xx

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Anonymous: dont you have family members you can talk to???!?

Not really. I don’t like to talk to them. My dad doesn’t really get this stuff and my mum has never really been “compassionate.” I also don’t feel comfortable with it. 

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